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Net Operations

There are some Ham Radio Operators who don't enter nets for fear they are not proficient in newt operations or protocols. For that reason, I'll run through a WASHARES net procedure from our Thursday net (8:15 local time, 147.210 +600 127.3 pl).


The Net begins with the net control station's first call:

"Attention all stations, this is ________ , Net Control  for the Washington  County
ARES Net. This is a directed  net, and all communications are carried  out at my direction. This is an open net, and all licensed amateurs are welcome to check in.

Stations with emergency or priority  traffic ONLY. Come now."

This is Washington  County ARES Net Control,     _            . We will now do regular  net check-ins. Please give your call in standard phonetics. If you have traffic, give message count, priority, and destination. Stations come now one by one.

(Pause to acknowledge check-ins by callsigns, and traffic offered.)

This is Washington  County ARES Net Control --·Additional stations come now. (Etc)

(Pause to acknowledge check-ins by callsign, and any traffic offered. Keep doing the above until you get no more check-ins. Then deal with traffic, if any.)

Checked in to this net we have (number of) stations. I will now poll stations for announcements and comments.

(Go down the list of check-ins, giving opportunity to announce/comment, and thanking for same.)

This is Washington  County ARES Net Control stations and traffic. Come now.

, last call for late

(Take any check-ins, deal with any traffic. Repeat the above until no more check-ins.)

None heard.

This is Washington  County ARES Net Control. Many thanks to all (number) stations checking-in. This net is called every Thursday at 08:15pm local time, and ANY time a local incident of significance occurs. The net is now secured, and the repeater is returned to normal ham activity. This is                clear.

NOTE: Include yourself in the number of check-ins.

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