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The repeater antenna installation was quite a project!

The 147.210 repeater antenna has now been placed in it's new home on the 100' Washington County tower site. The participants in the project were Jack, Al, Rusty and Vic. And many thanks to Vic for the photos that documented the project that is moving WASHARES another step forward. Click on the photos for a larger view.
(Note: These photos are not completely in sequence.)
Al & Jack
Jack and Al making the plan.
Al Heading Up
Al heading up the 100' tower.
Al Installing Hardware
Installing the hardware.
Antenna dangles-Jack holds breath
Hauling the antenna up. (It was noted that Jack may have been holding his breath during this phase of the project.)
Antenna near top
The antenna is now near the top.
ARES Antenna Project - Feed Line
The feedline.
ARES Antenna Project
Routing the feedline into the building housing the repearter.
ARES Antenna Project
Jack getting ready to do final assembly.
The "Monster" Antenna
Final assembly
Final Inspection
Final Inspection.
Rope is attached for Hoisting
The rope is now attached for
the lift up the tower.
7/8 harline Prep.
The 7/8 Hardline getting
prepared to be installed.
ARES Antenna Project
ARES Antenna Project
ARES Antenna Project
Only 20 ft to go
Only 20 feet to go!
ARES Antenna Project
Dusty joins Al
Rusty joining Al at the Top.
It's Up!
... and it's UP!
Old Antenna Under the New one.
Below the new antenna installation, you can see the old single bay dipole.
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